Malawi Floods 2015

P1000453P1000459In January 2015 the Nation of Malawi suffered the worst floods in Malawi’s living memory causing misery and suffering to thousands of people.  Caught between two cyclones the non-stop heavy rain over several days and nights was the the worst anyone has ever seen.

9443 families across the Zomba Region alone were rendered homeless – some were in emergency camps, local schools or sleeping rough.

The overall delivery and management of aid across the country has proven very difficult and many communities are still awaiting help. It seems there is not enough for the thousands affected.

Chilambe, Shine Relief Trusts main project area has been affected. Chilambe is an area which covers 8 villages including Shine Village and many households have suffered storm damage here; our care assistant and caretaker’s homes  collapsed. Many are sleeping totally exposed to the elements. International aid is getting through, but as it requires careful co-ordination many in our project area are still waiting to receive help, as the hardest hit areas are targeted first.

We thank God all the children we support are safe and of all the children’s homes just one suffered damages. 

P1000488Churches affected. Shine has provided funds for essential relief items to members of AOG Church Zomba and those in their community. Many witnessed their homes get washed away as the river burst its bank. Songani Church near Domasi, collapsed as a result of the floods. 


BBC News Report:


Malawi Red Cross Society:                    

Shine Relief support to 50 families across Kuntumanji 


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