Celebrating 10 years on the ground

Despite all the challenges facing the world with COVID 19 pandemic, we are determined to still celebrate ten years of Shine Reliefs work on the ground in Malawi. Please join us in encouraging the team in Malawi.

Since we delivered the first pan and sack of maize to the Chilambe Community Based Organisation (CBO) back in April 2010 we have seen a tremendous transformation in the life of the community. The land where this CBO once stood has become a self-sufficient complex providing facilities to care for children in need. Despite annual disasters impacting the livelihoods of the already vulnerable families in our area, living costs soar year on year between 2012 till 2016, Shine managed to continue serving the community. Developing Shine Village and also the businesses required to ensure the project will become self-sustainable has been a challenge and although disappointments come at times, our team has continued to remain focused on God. We know He is faithful. We are incredibly humbled and thankful for the way God has moved, touching lives, and raising up leaders to serve the nation of Malawi.

Celebrating with students at Nsondole Secondary as they graduate. Bursaries are given by Shine Relief to our first ten students which enabled them to continue their education and pass their final exams.

Working with local CBO’s Shine improves nursery settings and care for child-headed families all funded through regular donors and those attending annual sponsored events.

Local under 5’s join the first Shine Early Years group and students from across the area meet together for educational support and recreation for the first time at our new purpose-built center at Shine Village

Shine provided relief through ongoing campaigns to help those in desperate need following floods in our area in 2013, 2015 and 2019, and also during 2016 when crops failed due to a severe drought.

Fundraising events helped support more vulnerable families across the area, establishing our first home at Shine Village whilst ensuring students remained in school and at college.

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