The country relies on a combination of subsistence farming, Tobacco export along side aid from various donors. There are also exports made in Tea, Coffee, sugar and other agricultural products. There is a notable deficit in exports compared to the imports and importing is expensive for the country. Nevertheless Malawi has in the last 5 years exported Maize (the largest crop) to struggling neighbours. The area in which Shine works is also based around subsistence farming. This primarily includes the growing of Maize, for the making of Nsema. This subsistence economy is vital for the local communities.

Shine would therefore like to encourage trade through the provision of goods and services to the community itself and of course to the wider world. Shine Corp, a private company was created to ethically trade in life enhancing technological products. Shine Corp was created by 2 trustees of Shine Relief Trust to create a sustainable business which will generate employment opportunities and much needed finance to the poorer rural areas. Shine Corp will provide alternative or solar energy products which reduce the dependency on imported fuels and give a greater reliance on cleaner and cheaper solar energy. Please check the Shine Corp website for further information about their product line in Malawi.

Shine Relief strongly support using in country resources where possible for its own projects.  Mosquito nets and other items donated to locals are  purchased from a Malawian manufacturer in Lilongwe.SNC00056