Shine Village

Phase One

The multi-purpose resource centre. With facilities to host regular training events, children’s programmes and fellowship groups, the centre is becoming a focal point for the whole community. See the construction of the centre

The borehole. Providing 2,000 litres of water every hour enough to supply the whole village!

Phase Two 

Income generating activities. Our staff are working towards Shine Village becoming a self-sufficient base with plans to establish various agricultural projects, Shine land currently grows crops such as maize, cassava and ground nuts. Projects are already underway which help students to support their ongoing education and training costs, as well as their general living expenses.The establishment of fish farms and a variety of agricultural enterprises such as cash crops and chicken farms will resource our programmes.

Church and discipleship. The gospel is naturally shared through our everyday interactions. The weekly women’s programme includes bible study and through attendance at local church youth discipleship events, young people are strengthened in their commitment to lead holy lives for Jesus.

Children’s House
Design  Design 2

With increasing support from the UK and encouragement from the local population in Malawi, Shine Relief will expand its activities, building a complex of buildings which will one day house up to 40 children. Shine Village will also feature a school, medical facility, and vocational training centre to help the development of small businesses providing new opportunities to boost the local economy.


Thank you to our Funders