A Home at Shine Village

Shine Village Residential Care

A home for vulnerable and orphaned children to find love, care and hope.

Our first home was built in 2016 in keeping with the local traditional homes to offer a safe place to recover, learn life skills and be family- a place were we care for one another. 

Funding received from Trusts and local businesses have helped our dream become a reality!

Thanks to generous grants received from The Beit Trust and Saga Charitable Trust the foundations for the house were laid early June 2016 and shortly after the septic tank and pipework were added. The building work was completed in Spring 2017. Items to be used in the home which includes bedding donated by the Fireside Quilters – East Yorkshire (Myra Autherson).


Renovations needed after storms caused damage in January 2018. Every room was repainted after the new roof was fitted and repairs made to the solar system, wiring, and plumbing. We also fitted the Rocket Stoves with a new canopy. The Saga Charitable Trust and funds raised by Jubilee Church Hull made this possible.

Trustees visiting in August 2018 were glad to find running hot water to showers and sinks and LED lights illuminating each room.

Our first eight residents moved in at the end of September 2018. We plan to erect a second home in the next two-three years.

Social Welfare officer Mr Kalelo visited the project after 2015 floods which saw children hundreds of families identified for emergency relief across the area. Shine Relief Trust was commended for the implementation of various projects geared at mitigating the suffering of orphans and vulnerable children in the impact areas. Mr Kalelo was particularly impressed with the holistic approach that Shine envisions and has taken, for its support project for children. He mentioned that if the project is successfully completed, this will be the first of its kind in Zomba district and will become a role model for future programming by other NGOs.

” We were glad to see the opening of the centre last year which has fostered community involvement and participation. In the future, this will mean children accommodated at Shine Village will not be isolated from the community which of course is so important. The government greatly appreciates these efforts as it understands that there are thousands of orphans in need of help.” Mr Kalelo

CHF project – home repairs. Although we have had requests for assistance from many families since the floods, we have remained committed to the families currently in our care who are the most vulnerable in the area, ensuring we do not spread ourselves too thinly. Agnes spent two weeks sleeping in an outdoor kitchen with her Grandmother whilst we carried out repairs needed to their home. With an iron roof, this home is guaranteed to stand against the ever-turbulent weather. Agnes Grandma was very concerned about her home collapsing in the bad weather hitting her village.

Blessing of Shine House number 2 at Shine Village
The blessing ceremony of Shine Village second home set to open later in 2022

During an much overdue visit by UK trustees a wonderful blessing ceremony was held with local leaders and co-founders.

“We are so impressed with the standard of this home. With its four bedrooms, shower room, living room and an “indoor kitchen” this is a home in which our girls will learn and grow. ” Shine UK Chair

Furnishings are being made locally; including iron bunkbeds, tables and chairs and couches. Homes in rural area of Malawi rarely have beds to sleep on or tables and chairs to eat from. Many sleep on fertiliser sacks with small coverings and eat by hand sitting together on the floor. Whilst we understand the importance of village traditions and this time together it is not healthy or hygienic way to enjoy prepared food. We want to teach our children and lift up their eyes so they can be comfortable in different social settings. Having a simple built in kitchen with gas hob and oven will give lots of training opportunities. It is important they remain close to their village roots. Cooking on open fires is part of everyday life here but we are looking forward to tasting our first lasagne!