Relief provided to 80 households

Tropical Storm Relief   18 March 2022 – 2000kg of maize – 80 households – mostly single mothers and grandmothers. Chiefs, village heads and local pastors prayed. A beautiful sound of soothing praise and worship filled the air –  the girls voices conveyed fresh hope leading many into the Father’s presence.  “We see the blessing of God on us.” stated Chilambe Chief as he welcomed the relief response. “We believe in God’s goodness!”. 

Watching the interactions between the members of the community Suzen claimed “At one point we were all filled with joy and laughter.”  She went on to speak about people still living in camps almost three months since the heavy storms hit.

“We are still without power. Members of our local community are in need of food, shelter and recovery.  Having experienced this just three years ago it is a tough blow to everyone. 
The constant battle with the elements has caused further vulnerability to families already at risk. Damages to both homes and crops are becoming more frequent. Meetings led by Shine Ministry have brought encouragement particularly amongst the women. A new ladies group with 50 registered members formed with the aim to support one another in farming and to grow as Jesus Disciples. The group’s willingness to serve has been a great source of encouragement to all. Shine Village is the place of hope to this community especially in such desperate times. The first Shine Relief emergency distribution took place back in 2013, not long after our first building opened.  Strengthening the communities resilience in the face of a changing climate is very important. The creation of community businesses (SCB) is part of the plan, embedding the principles of Farming Gods Way into every aspect of life. This has required great patience – gaining the investment for SCB infrastructure and journeying with “set mindsets” into a place of trust has been a long one. We seem to be getting there!

“We are beginning to see the principles found in God’s word take root in people’s hearts, resulting in greater levels of commitment to work together and to resolve conflict in a healthy manner,” smiled Suzen, “We have seen an increased desire to support each other through an eagerness to help the community businesses be established. It has taken many years of walking alongside people and encouraging them!”

Lets continue to ask for the love of God to comfort all who are struggling and for the woman’s group that it grows from strength to strength.

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