Cyclone Freddy Appeal

Cyclone Freddy, one of the strongest cyclones to ever be recorded in the Southern Hemisphere (according to the World Meterological Organisation) is still devastating Malawi, with the current death toll at over 200 people (as of 15 March). All types of property have been affected due to prolonged rains, mud slides and high winds. The Zomba region has seen many rivers burst, roads collapse and homes crumble. Rescue operations are limited. Poor infrastructure and lack of resources mean that many already vulnerable people are stranded with no help in sight.

Although we can feel helpless watching such devastating scenes from afar we can do so much. PRAY. LISTEN. ACT.

Death toll rises to 190 in tropical storm Freddy in Malawi – CGTN


NB* Total Giving is free for charities but card fees are taken from each donation. Your gift sent directly via BACS is received in full (please email for our account details)


Shine Village site is in operation and our children are all safe. Boarders have returned and the girls attending local schools are at Shine Village for the time being as the rivers are too dangerous to cross. The Early Years group is on hold. We are expecting many people to make their way to our centre to find shelter, warm clothes and food. £20 will provide a blanket and some food. Items are expensive and our transport costs are high. We need your help!

Once the rains have stopped any assessments needed will be conducted. Roads are currently impassable. We will build a picture of the need through telephone communications with the local chief and CBO leaders. Please pray for our team and for the resources required.

You can contribute towards the relief effort in our immediate project area supporting families with food, blankets and plastic sheets and to provide further assistance to the wider community through our partnership with The District Council and other local organisations. (Cholera prevention medicine is needed.)

The long road to recovery will be challenging – our fish ponds and small businesses have been hit again. Please visit our Total Giving Page today and give as much as you can. Also please do consider becoming a monthly donor to help meet our increasing daily costs caring for vulnerable and orphaned children at Shine Village.

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