Malawi Team

The Malawi team grew from the initial group of trustees meeting in the UK. Upon return to their homeland, Mr and Mrs Zidana teamed up with Mr and Mrs Maluwa to form Shine Relief Malawi. Over the years the Board has grown with Mrs Helen  Jones and Mr Lihoma joining the team in 2012 and 2014. Between 2017 and 2018 Mr Dellings Phiri and Mr Stephano Joseph joined the team.  Dr Liveness Mwale replaced Mrs Jones in 2019.

The Shine staff team has grown from three full-time members to five and in early 2015 a further four members joined the team. By 2018 the team had grown to 18 members to support further development at Shine Village. 

In 2016 a new church congregation came into being at Shine Village -our connections with local and international churches have helped to expand this ministry to the local community.

The first Shine Office 2010
Shine Village staff and beneficiaries