Prayer Page

“With the loving mercy of our God, a new day from heaven will shine upon us” Luke 1 v 78

I want to thank you for standing with us in prayer. 

“We have the same Spirit of faith that is described in the Scriptures when it says, “First I believed, then I spoke in faith.” So we also first believe then speak in faith. We do this because we are convinced that he who raised Jesus will raise us up with him, and together we will all be brought into his presence. Yes, all things work for your enrichment so that more of God’s marvelous grace will spread to more and more people, resulting in an even greater increase of praise to God, bringing him even more glory! So no wonder we don’t give up. For even though our outer person gradually wears out, our inner being is renewed every single day. We view our slight, short-lived troubles in the light of eternity. We see our difficulties as the substance that produces for us an eternal, weighty glory far beyond all comparison because we don’t focus our attention on what is seen but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but the unseen realm is eternal.”
2 Corinthians‬ ‭4:14‬

There are no situations too desperate, and no person so far from him that he can not touch. God asks that we engage our hearts so we bring them to Him in prayer, trusting in his power to work through us to reveal his glory.

We bring the leaders of the Nations and their people to God and ask for revival and for His transforming power to come and for every resource needed. We thank God for the way he will choose to provide for the Nations.  Deborah Irvin

Please pray for the church at Shine Village as it shares the good news and leads the way in the service of orphans and the widows. 50 members continue to meet with a vision to reach out with God’s love and be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Please pray especially for the children as they learn about Jesus and seek to follow him. We want to see those who wish to follow Christ receive the support they need to grow in their faith and realise their God-given potential.

Details on the outreach and needs of the Yao People 

Please pray for our Moringa crop in the early stages of growth – without the Lord’s protection it will fail. We want to do what the Father is doing – in everything we do – in our efforts to raise income and in being Jesus’ hands and feet on the ground.  

Malawi has dropped again three steps down from position 6 last year in 2017 to position 3 this year 2018 as the world most poorest country.*   * International Monetary Funds (IMF) 2018 6. Mozambique $ 472/ 5. Yemen $ 449/ 4. Central African Republic $ 425/ 3. Malawi $ 342/ 2. Burundi $ 339/ 1. South Sudan $ 246