Together to bring transformation

The UK office offers support to fundraisers and those who wish to invest in the work of Shine Relief Malawi.

The UK office has seen fundraisers join all across the country to make a difference; through fundraising events and gatherings organised throughout the year, we have raised thousands of pounds to develop Shine Village and start new projects!

Individuals wishing to raise funds should always contact the office to receive the information needed for a successful campaign or event. As valuable members of the team, we aim to support you all the way! Below is all information needed when planning to fundraise for Shine.

Downloadable Shine-Relief-Trust-Sponsor-Form-2018

Sponsor form tips:  Make sure your sponsors write their full name, home address and postcode on the form so we can claim Gift Aid. The form must be completed in their own handwriting. Do NOT send cash in the post – it is unsafe.

Shine money return form 

Cashing up after a sale or event – download/complete a form and either send a cheque or donate on-line.

Become a friend of Shine

Do you love to gather people? Why not apply to host a coffee morning or run a cake stall one weekend? Whether it’s simply sharing your enthusiasm for Shine’s work with friends or baking buns you can help raise funds for all kinds of things such as play resources at our center!

Holding a quiz, film night, musical event, talent show or barn dance at your church or school can be another great way to support Shine.

Call the artist! Sewing groups have run projects and donated items made to Shine’s auction What could you make?

Start a cooking, painting or sculpting group and give a percentage of your proceeds from an end of term sale!

Family Events such as weddings, birthdays or a new arrival can be great opportunities to remember Shine! Set up a Total Giving page and check out current items you can fundraise for.

Is it time for a challenge!

Popular runs – HULL/YORK/ Humber Bridge Half Marathon, Greater Manchester

Join our Facebook.groups


Each year we hold walks and/or bike rides with an aim to raise vital funds. We have had many people come along to support these challenges and ensure we keep all our participants safe. Please email the office for an application form if you can help in any way.