Brickmaking at Shine Village

In 2018 Shine purchased two hydro form brick presses and an area at Shine Village was fenced off to keep the area secure.

The need for good building materials is great across our region with many people build using mud bricks which are not fired due to the cost of the wood needed.

We estimate a large hydro form brick would cost 72p and a simple home would require around 100. £70 could buy all the bricks needed. Donations towards this project  helped Shine to provide bricks to people in our area as they rebuilt their homes. 

Sadly floods continue to hit Kuntumanji and many homes are destroyed every year.

“The rains didn’t stop for four days solid – it was the start of Cyclone Idai which went on to destroy communities across Southern Malawi and Mozambique. Rains were still impacting the region a week later as the cyclone hit Zimbabwe.” Suzen Zidana.

Taking responsibility: Mel Evans, a climate campaigner for Greenpeace UK, said the recent storms caused by Cyclone Idai was further proof that the people least responsible for the climate crisis were suffering the most. “The average CO2 emissions of a citizen of Mozambique, Malawi or Zimbabwe is a tiny fraction of a European’s or an American’s. The people who have done the least to cause climate change are at the front of the queue to receive its impacts and have far fewer resources to prepare for the storm or repair the damage.” Evans said the disaster should be a wake-up call to governments everywhere to urgently deliver on their climate goals.

We can play our part.

Shine brickmaking composition and methods require only good dose of  SUNSHINE to dry the bricks and make them incredibly strong. As we know Malawi has no shortage of sun!! Bricks will be used in the rebuilding of homes in the local area.

homes impacted by strong rains across our region
How hydro form bricks can be used