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Easter Wolds Way Walk completed!

Elsbeth Robson, an active Shine supporter who spent many years working in Malawi before settling in Hull in 2013, has completed a 79 mile walk to help support our regions flood victims. 

In just 5 days, starting on Easter Sunday she managed to walk the 79 miles of the Wolds Way in East Yorkshire to in order to raise money to assist poor families who have been hit hard by recent floods and storms.  We are so grateful for her unwavering support in many aspects of the charities work here in the UK- from serving Malawi tea and scones in her garden during the last summers open gardens to recently taking groups on our 8 mile hike across to Spurn Point which raised over £750.

Elsbeth writes “Most days on the way from the Humber Bridge at Hessle to the North Sea at Filey it was idyllic sunshine and spring flowers – blue bells, violets, orchids, primroses and blossom (cherry, blackthorn, crab apple) as well as beautiful new leaves on beech and sycamore and hawthorn. There were delightful lambs and lolloping hares and shy deer. Some busy stretches – wonderful to see so many people out walking and cycling and enjoying the great outdoors. Also went for hours on some days not seeing a soul, up hill and down dale.

It was a privilege to be able to walk across a huge swathe of the great counties of East and North Yorkshire on public rights of way across farmland and private estates (so many pheasants everywhere…) on a National Trail freely open to all – mostly very well signposted and maintained. Thanks for your very generous donations so far I’ve raised over £180 – not far off the £200 target. I think it was the longest walk I’ve ever done – 218,205 steps according to the app on my phone! I did get one blister and a bit of heat rash.

Special thanks for the support of Penny and Mike and other lovely people along the way who provide great services for accommodation and baggage transfer.”

Elsbeth has supported Shine for well over 6 years, making a number of visits to Malawi and witnessing the progress at Shine Village first hand. If you wish to donate to Elsbeth’s fundraiser please click below



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