Flood appeal

Our Flood Appeal

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Please help us reach our £4,000 target so we can support staff and families who have lost their homes and crops.

Go to DONATE or give here thank you https://www.totalgiving.co.uk/appeal/floodkuntumanji2019

Many of our staff lost their homes, one of our teachers almost lost her life when she was swept away by flood waters. She was rescued by passing villagers. After returning home she found one side of her house collasped. Plastic sheeting provided has given shelter until the home can be repaired or rebuilt.  We are finding many families connected to our Early Years programme are living in homes propped up by bamboo exposed to the elements. People are finding life very difficult. This is normally a time to celebrate the harvest across the region however most families have nothing and even at Shine Village the harvest is not what we hoped for. Food aid has not arrived in our region due to hold-ups with the assessments and also the prioritising of aid across the country. Families who lost everything in the excessive flood waters and who are living in camps and suffering from disease are the first priority.

Events held in the UK over the coming months will continue to raise funds for families connected to our programmes. Our Child Sponsorship fund set up last year to provide daily nursery school and help the most vulnerable families continues to seek regular donors, enabling us to reach the hundreds of families in need over the coming months. We encourage donors to consider Child Sponsorship to help the team to plan for the coming year. Please visit our page here 

Our brickmaking project will provide resources desperately needed. Visit our page here. http://shine-relief.org/brickmaking-project-planned-2019/

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