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Update from Hollie and Lynley SHINE RELIEF TRUST NEW ZEALAND

In April Lynley travelled to Rotorua where she joined with Hollie to share the work of the Shine Relief Trust with those at Hollie’s C3 Church .  The children also made truffles to sell as a fundraiser to purchase items for the children at the Shine Village.

Lynley’s Connect Church in Timaru have now included the Shine Relief Trust as one of the groups they are committed to supporting as part of the Church Outreach programme  –  ‘Beyond – The Gospel of Jesus in Action’.  This was publicised by Pastor Mike Coe at a recent ‘Missions Moment’ during which a short DVD clip and information about Shine’s Projects were presented.

One of the ‘Connect Kids’ 8 year old Casey-May Watt, has recently raised nearly $200 ( £96)lynley through participation in a local supermarket’s promotion, in addition to the gifts of soft toys purchased from her ‘pocket money’ to be distributed to babies and young children in Malawi.

 New Zealand Team Missions Trip to Malawi

A small team of 4 are departing New Zealand on 6th July to travel to Zomba to spend about 10 days visiting the Shine Village and meeting and working alongside those involved. This visit will enable the team members to experience firsthand life on a daily basis for the people living in the Traditional Authority of Kuntamanji in the Zomba District. They are looking forward to participating in the activities and programmes already operating throughout the village, as well as viewing the income generating and building projects currently underway. It is also a wonderful opportunity for team members to utilise their individual skills and strengths to help out in whatever capacity they can within the village and neighbouring communities.

The Group have been busy fundraising for their trip and have received several donations from supporters to enable them to purchase educational materials, mosquito nets, housing or food supplies as required during their visit.

Lynley Marett and daughter Hollie run Shine New Zealand which was set up to create awareness of the work of Shine Relief Malawi in New Zealand and engage volunteers to support the work and to raise vital funds needed. The New Zealand office officially launched in November last year. You can read more about the journey here or you can contact the office here. 



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