Christmas gift cards

Christmas cards that give*!

Now available**

£7 supports 7 children to attend a Christmas party (pays for party food and a small gift ) children are 2-5years old attending our Early Years we have 350 children attending!

£15 buys a bed net for a vulnerable family

£20 buys a vulnerable family Christmas provisions including chicken, rice, vegetables, juice, cooking oil and cakes.

£70 buys a bike for a student, or staff at Shine Early Years, Bursary, or at Shine Children’s House.

*free tree decoration included celebrating our 10th Anniversary

** not including postage ( free pick up available from Jubilee Church Hull)

Postage and package charge £1.00 Click below to purchase

Gift Shop

Cards over £10 include a glitter photo frame tree decoration
£7 Party food card includes 2 small tree decorations
Christmas cards make a difference
Last years Early Years Christmas party with popcorn, squash, cake, puffs and a small gift




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