Supporting CBO Early Years

Early Childhood Development is an important part of  Shine’s work and at Shine Village we assist and care for 120 young children (0-5 years) providing them with education food and health and development checks. We also provide essential learning across the region through CBO partnerships.  Taking care of young children gives their carer, who may be an older sibling, a single Mother or Grandparent, the chance to attend school or work and earn an income.  With maize growing well at Shine land and our chickens producing eggs each day, the Shine Village Early Years is well on its way to self-sustainability. The vision is to increase our farming projects and generate enough income from our land to sustain the whole project!

What about the CBO Early Years groups in the community?

They currently receive supplies every month to feed between 80-120 children, which encourages regular attendance and participation. Children come from many villages in Kuntumanji.

Over the past 7 years we have provided further support to groups in our community and as well as our neighbouring community. When emergency provisions were desperately needed Shine stepped in to help get families through the lean season. This support increased in 2015 when the nation was impacted terribly by the worst floods seen in a decade and again in 2016 during a time of severe droughts in the region.

Plans to further support the CBO’s through training at Shine Village  will help them have farms which are not hindered by the ever-increasing turbulent weather in Malawi,  eventually leading to them becoming self-sustaining groups. One of the CBO community buildings was actually partly destroyed last year and so the community is moulding the bricks needed to build a new one. An iron roof will be much better than grass and longer lasting, however the CBO group will struggle to raise the funds needed.With low harvests, the parents have little to sell to generate an income to support their CBO and with no government help this group is in danger of closing .  Shines vision is to train communities to “Farm Gods Way” making them less vulnerable to poor harvests. Empowering each CBO to farm will help them to generate the funds they need to support oneanother.

At the CBO the children currently learn sat on maize sacks which can be difficult in the heat of the day.
We are looking for friends who can give £6 * a month to help two children to attend nursery for a year (this includes daily food). Please consider helping  – a standing order or a one-off gift will help release resources which can then be used to develop farming training through the CBO groups.

CBO volunteer focus

 Mercy helps to run Shine supported Nsondole Early Years group which meets at Nsondole CBO. She has volunteered for Shine since 2010. She is very dedicated walking 5 km to Shine center to be part of the Early Years training every month. Mercy has a daughter who has been very sick and needs to attend regular hospital appointments in Zomba. Shine has supported the family during this time which has given Mercy peace of mind. During our recent visit, a young child tragically died after being stung by bees. Mercy was the first to sit with the grieving family and organise support. This role in the community is so important and Mercy is so thankful for the support which we are able to give the current CBO groups.

Thank you – we are truly moving towards seeing communities released into their full potential in Malawi

*£7.50 non taxpayers

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