A belated but very special graduation

On January 6th Shine Relief Trust conducted a wonderful graduation ceremony along with the teachers from Mwanje Primary School. Despite the challenges of social distancing and remote learning during the latter part of 2020, Shine managed to gather the oldest children for a two-month preparation period for primary school. This took place from September to December 2020.

Shines early years staff were so glad to watch eighteen of their excited Shine Early Years children parade in such special robes, kindly donated for the day by “Future Vision”, attending the first ever ceremony held on their new school grounds. With the opportunity to meet their teachers and take time to look around the school it served as a great bridge for entry into primary school for these children during such challenging times.

A party held the following weekend at Shine centre for these children and their guardians and hosted by the children living at Shine Village was a wonderful time too!

Sadly on 18th January, just seven school days later, it was announced that due to rising numbers of COVID cases, schools had to close for three weeks. Shine will continue to look for ways to support all the children in our area through this challenging time.

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