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Shine football teamThanks to Portsmouth-based Soccer Sunday Elite FC and Manager David Harman Shine Village has established the first boy’s football team. Our team in Malawi were so encouraged by the donation which they received in September and set to recruiting members for the team. Boys take football very seriously in Malawi even though they may not have the correct footwear – as you can see they play in flip flops and bare feet!

We are looking forward to setting up a proper tournament this year.

“This is so good for the young people because they were able to exercise and refresh their minds which is good for their health- it helps to pump lots of fresh air to the heart and makes them strong! This activity will also help to tackle the problem of HIV/AIDS, as we create an environment where the boys can build self-esteem and friendships with their peers and have something to focus on drawing them away from promiscuous behaviour and drinking which many young boys are drawn into.  ” Anthony.

netball 2017






The netball team 2017

Donations from Chasers Netball Club given by visitors from the UK Joanne and Claire who held sessions at Shine Village during the summer of 2015 helped set up this team. The girls continue to enjoy getting together every week. Look how high the boys put the ring – in order to get really good!






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