Remembering mothers in Malawi

We are troubled by the sad fact that many mothers can not provide for their young children. Many mothers are just young girls.
Shine Relief provides the most vulnerable children in the community of Kuntumanji with help at Shine Village.
We know many mothers who need help to access clean water, daily food, warm clothing, safe shelter and access to educational resources which would help her bring up her children.
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Every Mother should be able to provide for their child however in an area where 9 out of 10 people have no regular income, relying mainly on subsistence farming, families are vulnerable to food shortages caused by poor harvests currently plaguing Africa. Our feeding program currently supports over 350 children and more centers across the area are asking for help.
There are many other ways to help – through fundraising events, coffee mornings or simply making a donation to celebrate a special occasion such as Mothers day.

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