Trustee Trip 2015

Shine Relief Trust 5 years Mission to Malawi

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A truly thankful heart.

Seated on her grass mat in the shade of her tiny porch sat “Grandma” was beaming with joy  – she had just recently collected in her small harvest of ground nuts. Beside her, Agnes her Grand daughter, looked so grown up- it had been 18 months since we had last sat with this family. Grandma was sick with malaria at the time and very weak. We had prayed with her and Agnes believing God for healing. We left unsure of what the future would bring.

Agnes’ homestead- basically a mud hut without windows, with one door, standing in a small maize garden, with shared toilet and outside kitchen is always surrounded by children. Grandma is “grandma” to the whole village and the children love sitting on her lap – they help her to shell the ground nuts as she tells them stories.  The roof on her house is getting very thin and starting to let in light. We discussed the cost of repairs with Suzen- would it have to be plastic sheets and grass or could we afford iron sheets?


20150509_124616Grandma indicated how she was in the process of separating the nuts – those to be sown for next years harvest and those to be ground into flour! We prayed together and told her how much God cared for her and how we prayed for her family along with others in the UK. Smiling she reached into the pile of ground nuts scooping a large handful into Suzen’s handbag! Unable to refuse such a gift  we received it believing that the Lord would bless this wonderful lady.

We continue to support Agnes through school – we have great hopes for her and her community. Life has had many challenges for Agnes – like malaria and then the devastating storms of January plus the lack of supplies to mention but a few, she and her Grandma have come through a lot.

We would love to help Grandma repair her roof this coming year if you wish to help support this project please get in touch!

Deborah Irvin


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