SADLY Shine Walk on March 28th to Far Ings IS POSTPONED UNTIL SEPTEMBER 5TH due to new government directive regarding the observing of social distancing. Far Ings center is now closed to visitors however the walkways are still open should you wish to visit please check out their latest information here

This event was to be our annual fundraising event

As £1,500 was our target towards providing for a full-time teacher and essential transport at the Shine Village project PLEASE CONSIDER DOING YOUR OWN WALK ON THE 28TH MARCH ( or another date )TO CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS OUR APPEAL.

Fundraising pages CAN STILL BE SET UP and you can share your story and pictures of your own walk. If you do meet with others please do keep to less than 10 people.

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It costs £20 a month to transform a child’s early years and annual sponsorship ensures a child receives the foundational pre-school education which is essential to prepare them for primary school. Children who attend pre-school find it easier to socialise with their peers and teachers when they start primary school.

Educating children in Malawi According to the United Nations research, almost half of Malawi’s 5.9 million children under the age of 5 are malnourished and for most children school starts at the age of six – or sometimes even later. With families preoccupied with the search for food, children are often kept at home to work on the land. Children, who miss out on pre-school interactions, find it very difficult to adapt to the school environment. Lacking social skills and a limited vocabulary, they quickly fall behind in the large classes, and subsequently, perform below their potential throughout their school-life. With classes numbering between 150-200 children often give up on their education before their 12th birthday.

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