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Shine New Zealand team visit Shine Village flag

Children graduating from Shines Early Years group received a special surprise this year all the way from New Zealand!  Lynley, Dawn, Hannah and Ben presented various gifts from New Zealand to encourage the children who were leaving the group to move on to primary School.  Among the gifts were pencils, hats, toothpaste and toothbrushes.The gifts were also a motivation to the remaining children to work hard so that they too should do just like their friends had done. The hall looked beautiful on this day because of the decorations that the New Zealand team brought. We applaud this team in a special way because they made the day to shine so bright with their decorations.Shine Director Assistant AgnesFor more details on Shine New Zealand’s activities click here 








Mulunguzi Secondary school visit

The team had a pleasure of seeing Innocent and Ganizani two of our bursary students and met with the school management team. They donated bibles to the two- Ganizani commented that it would be such a great help in studying Bible Knowledge. The two boys were delighted that people can come all that far just to see them. They were encouraged by the presence of their fellow students Ben and Hannah.

Bens report with timaru herald news

Summer Fundraising for Trip 

Wild One’s Cardboard Box Sleepover

Five of our ‘Wild One’s’ (10-14 years ministry) at C3 Church Rotorua met together on Saturday 25th June for a cardboard box sleepover to raise money for Shine Relief Trust. The young people were asked to give up something that would be a sacrifice for them for the 24 hours prior to the start of the event. This ranged from giving up technology and sugar, to all food except rice, for 24 hours in an attempt to empathise with the life of a child in Malawi. The evening began with a celebration meal and testimonies shared at the end of their 24 hour fast. The children learnt some Chichewa greetings, watched a clip on the life of a 10 year old in Malawi, attempted to carry buckets on their heads and to pinpoint Malawi on a map of Africa, along with unravelling some scrambled scriptures on what God says about helping the poor and homeless. Lots of fun was had and a fierce competition evolved between the boys and girls in the construction of their cardboard box houses before bedding down in them for the night. Our young people raised $390.00 towards the purchase of food supplies for needy families.

Connect Kids Church Member Casey-May Watt and her Mother Lyndal have been very busy collecting the Countdown Disney Collection Cards to sell to those eager to complete a set as well as compiling additional Albums to sell. In total they have raised $254.29c – a very worthy effort.

Lyndal has also raised $81.28 in May and June with the sale of used postage stamps which she collects, cleans and prepares for sale. A huge thanks to them both for their support of Shine.

Do you want to support Shine New Zealand? Fundraising and events will be happening soon.

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Australia news
louiseLouise Lakeman and the ” Shine Sisters” together raised £569.82 Louise’s friends and family raised an amazing £369.82  ($750) through an event  “Louise’s birthday dessert night” held in Queensland.

A further £200 ($300) was cooked up by the “sisters who shine”, a group who meet, cook and sell their food to each other! Theses ladies do an amazing job fundraising for many charities in Australia and across the world! Project manager, Deborah Irvin received the funds personally from her sister who visited the UK this Easter. ” We are so encouraged to hear people are taking time to help raise funds for the important work in Malawi. I know what a difference these funds will make. Thank you everyone.









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