Walk with me, ride with me – review

Our annual sponsored family based event was a great success.  “Walk with me, ride with me” was  held on the 8th September and saw 38 people of all ages gather together to raise £2,000. We walked 18 km from Beverley to South Dalton and the more energetic instead cycled 50 km from Cottingham and back again.  Many who walked the four hour route, in brilliant sunshine, mirrored the steps of the children in Malawi, feeling that injustice that faces some of the children who deal with that each day.  Cyclists who completed the first half of their 50KM challenge in less than 80 minutes learnt how travel time is  reduced (compared to the walkers) and what a difference a bike can make to young student.

We all feel the event achieved its objectives and more.  A real community atmosphere pervaded our lunch together at South Dalton.  The success of course is that everyone completed the journey which will mean that the children in Zomba can make their next steps more easily.

Press report here

Thanks for coming out and making the effort.


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