Severe floods 2013

6,000 people living in camps across Malawi including over 3,500 children as a result of severe flooding following prolonged heavy rainfall and a cyclone that hit neighbouring Mozambique.

Zomba district was badly effected and  T/A Mwambo saw a total of 641 households rendered homeless, their maize fields destroyed.

According to an October 2012 assessment by the Malawi Vulnerability Assessment Committee (MVAC) many districts in the south of the country had been suffering from too little rain and the resulting poor harvests had left nearly 2 million people without enough food to get them through the lean season. Now, as heavy rains continue, farmers and officials fear the flood waters will damage crops and worsen hunger.

A Malawian bishop has appealed for global prayer and material support for the flood victims in his country where an estimated 33,000 people have been displaced by floods. The Bishop said, “The oldest people in our communities are saying they have not seen such rains (and floods) in the past fifty years.

Shine’s Emergency Flood Appeal 2013 helped child-headed families in our neighbouring District.

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Maize, mosquito nets and blankets distributed in partnership Sir Harry Johnston International school
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Jumpers donated by St Nicholas Church in Hessle.

VLUU P1200  / Samsung P1200

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