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We are very excited to announce the launch of our Child Sponsorship this month.

Regular donations have helped the Shine Relief Project tremendously over the past seven years to build a structure to care for children at various sites across the region.

This year we opened the first children’s home and a field office helping the project become more established, with an ever-growing Early Years group.

150 under 5’s currently attend Shine Village site and with more attending across the region, Child Sponsorship will help the project become sustainable.

Co-founders Deb and Phil Irvin sponsored a child in Southern Malawi which actually began their journey to Malawi many years ago,

“Child Sponsorship helped us grasp the reality of life for children in Malawi. The photos and encouragement we received was so important for all our family as we could see the changes year after year. It was so encouraging.”

If you are considering Child Sponsorship please contact the office and we will send you all our information.

If you are ready visit our page and download a regular standing order form.

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