Phwando 2012

Shine hosted it’s annual Phwando  for 2012 on Friday 27th April at Lazaats Hotel, Cottingham. We are slightly biased but we have to say the event was a great success.

We hosted 83 enthusiastic supporters in the Pavillion room; with a colourful lighting display and lively atmosphere throughout the evening. We were encouraged by the supporter participation in the evening’s programme. Diverse activities included the Head and Tails game, won by Phillip Banda but seeing him give the monies back to the charity. Well Phillip is a trustee so that’s what we’d expect! The auction progressed at a a steady pace and saw a very exiting bidding war for the culinary prize of the cook in your house, provided by Phil and Debs, £375 well spent. The presentation focused on the next steps to progress the work of Shine in Kuntemanje, Malawi in terms of acquiring funds for the community building programme. We saw an up to date artists impression of the Shine village, which showed all the possible buildings on our land. If each person could give £1000 then the first multi-purpose community building could be a reality. We are focused on gaining this funding through individual donors and grant applications. More importanly it was a passionate invitation to join us in shining our light brighter. It also included footage from the brilliant inteview with Burnsie on Humberside and many photos of the children in Malawi.

Throughtout the evening we were blessed with the great sounds provided by the Sounds of Southern Africa, SOSA-XA choir. The choir were charismatic and hypnotic as they banged the rhythms on the pavillion’s wooden  dance floor. By the end of the night the party saw around half of the supporters on the floor armed with percussive instruments and throwing some great moves.

Please be very encouraged to learn that we raised £2000 after meeting all our costs, which is a great achievement. Thanks again for coming out and supporting Shine Relief Trust.

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