Light up their Christmas

We are running a special campaign which aims to flood 200 homes in Chilambe, Kuntumanji with light this Christmas.

Light up their Christmas Campaign 2011 offers you the opportunity to invest in safe and free lighting for a family living in extreme poverty. For £12 a solar – powered lamp will be given to help a family living in the villages of Kuntumanji, Malawi.  In return you will receive a Christmas card detailing the gift which can then be sent with your own personal message to someone for Christmas. The lights are provided through Shine Corporation Malawi a company which has dedicated its profits to help the ongoing work of Shine Relief Malawi. Solar lamps will replace dangerous and unhealthy kerosene lamps which are very expensive to use. 80% of Malawians have no access to electricity.

Please download a form by clicking on the link, Light up their Christmas 2011.

Thank you.

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