5K Inflatable Obstacle run

Spaces soon available for Hull event 

Free places for those who run in aid of Shine Relief Trust*


*must raise min £50

Past Events

Hull 5K Inflatable Obstacle Runs 2019 and 2018




Shine Walk March 23rd 2019

Thanks to all who came – we raised over £750 which will be used to support Flood Victims in our area. 


2018 Wakefield 8 Mile Walk









2017 Events

Malawi Zomba Mountain Walk with our Primary school children








Spurn Point Lighthouse 8 Mile walk


Humber Bridge East Yorkshire 

Malawi Zomba Mountain Walk with our students







7Phil and 6Deborah joined with trustees Hastings, Suzen,  students, staff and volunteers Hannah and Cameron to walk Zomba Mountain Malawi.  Simon and Paul gathered with Shine supporters at the Humber Bridge in the UK in heavy rains.






8 MILE Barefoot Beachwalk Bridlington highlights  

National Three Peaks Challenge

2009-2014 Events