Talent stage brings hope

4 year old Selina learns about children at Shine Early Years

Child Sponsorship continues to support hundreds of 2-5 year olds in a region hit badly by the recent storms that rendered countless families homeless. Across Shines project area alone over 450 households were impacted with more than 45 homes destroyed. As people are now forced to live in their cooking shelters and with their neighbours, children suffering greatly look to Shine for respite and care.

On May 17th Shine Relief Trust came together with Jubilee Church Hull and  FULL food, a social enterprise supporting young people and adults back to work, to raise more funds for the current crisis in Malawi.

Shine Talent and Quiz night gathered together over 50 supporters old and new from the local area with their families, into an atmosphere of celebration, focusing particularly on the talents of the children and young people….and did they wow us all!!

Seven children aged 5-12 performed in the first half with three young people following later in the evening. Each did an amazing job – well done!

The night also gave us all time to reflect on the amazing range of talents and gifts amongst us whilst considering again children still hoping for education and the simple things in life.

Child Sponsorship really matters

£254 was raised during the evening which will be added to our ongoing appeal to build bricks. If you wish to donate please follow this link.

We wish to thank all who came and also all who helped to set up the event. Thanks to Dave Acaster, the quizmaster, and his 60 quiz questions! We had a great team of volunteers including John Casper who was kept very busy on the sound desk!!!!

Thank you all so much.

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