P1050382Shine Relief Trust was established in 2008 by a group of UK and Malawian Christians with a heart to seek justice for the poor and to see renewed hope and vitality brought to the rural communities of Malawi.

Shine Malawi works in the Traditional Authority (TA) Kuntumanji in Zomba District.

The project area was chosen after a situation analysis revealed a high need for a relief project to support orphans and vulnerable children.

The programme led by Suzen Zidana and her husband Hastings Zidana and 4 Trustees, 3 of whom are Malawian nationals, is founded on the good news which Jesus Christ came to bring. Together our strong staff team of 9 and local volunteer,  we deliver vital support through CBO’s, local schools and most recently from Shine’s Resource Centre. Established in 2014, by the grace of God, the center provides food, clothing, childcare, healthcare and training opportunities. Most recently partnership with churches in New Zealand and Malawi have resulted in a new church congregation at Shine Village -“Shine Assembly”.

Shine Relief believes that help begins by understanding African culture and not by imposing westernized culture. Our project started by listening to the local people as they told us what they want to do and what we can do not for them but with them. Shine Relief UK aims to involve the local community in Malawi as much as possible and whenever possible, provide multi-agency solutions in order to advance the local economy and community.


552069_271165236335952_524466583_nShine Relief’s head office in Hull, UK works to encourage individuals, churches, schools and local businesses to invest in the work of Shine Relief Malawi.  The organisation receives no funding from the government, so the income is received from regular donors, through various fundraising activities and grants given by Trusts and Foundations.