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Spurn Point walk has been moved  and will now take place in January 2019

Linsea to the Lighthouse and back 8 Miles approx.

Entry £5 – details here 

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Wakefield 8 Mile Walk on the 23rd June 2018 at Anglers Country Park raised over £500










2016  Humber Bridge East Yorkshire & Zomba Mountain Malawi 2016







The 7th Annual Event saw our team split up; with trustees Phil, Deborah joining with trustees Hastings, Suzen, volunteers Hannah and Cameron and the students, staff and supporters walking in Zomba, Malawi and trustees Simon and Paul gathering with Shine supporters at the Humber Bridge in the UK. This year’s 7th event crossed the world- we were over 7,000 miles apart!

Beginning at 7 am Malawi time and 10 am UK time these events covered 7 miles and joined under the one banner- LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE based on the verse found in Matthew 5. During our walks, we celebrated the light of God shining through us in Malawi into a community who are now praising  God for the good things he is doing through our lives. We are all a part of this community transformation!

The Emperors view at the top of Zomba Mountain was the half way rest and stop off for the 35 strong Malawi team. Walkers back home in East Yorkshire found refuge from the rain in the Hide Out at the Far Ings Nature reserve. Quite a contrast!

The contrast between our lives and those who live in Malawi – one of the world’s poorest countries, became all the more apparent during this trip as we learnt to live with power cuts faced by our team on a daily basis; the constant reminder that this country struggles to provide essential services for its people.  In Malawi most of the population live below the poverty line and so the care for children, let alone for orphans, is generally very poor – from health services to education there are massive gaps.

Children who are orphaned have the most difficult path to take and many do not find the support they need growing up. Living without a Mum and Dad and limited family support has a massive impact on the life of a child and any hopes and dreams quickly die. We are passionate about investing in these children God has highlighted to us to and we are honored to care for their needs; spiritually and physically.

Setting aside time to connect in some way with the work and challenges faced by those we serve in Malawi is very important for our team. This year was very special for those of us walking in Malawi as we were able to actually walk alongside some of the children we support. We saw for ourselves the impact the Shine Walk, this “once in a lifetime event” had on them. Young people traveled away from village life, some for the first time, and they saw life from a mountain top! To see their faces as they gazed out across a landscape which they had never seen before and to join in the choruses of praises to God was so moving and very challenging.


61In the UK crossing the Humber in heavy rains was a bit of a challenge but the high spirits of all who turned out made the walk another one to remember. The youngest walkers Josh and Luke grew up in Malawi and this was their third year participating in a Shine annual event and they managed to smash their £300 target raising over £380!

Many thanks to all who supported our walkers through sponsorship. We are grateful to Acrosentic for supporting the team in Malawi with t-shirts which proved extremely popular!


2015 8 MILE Barefoot Beachwalk highlights