8 mile walk from Blue Bell Café Kilnsea

Saturday 22nd September £5/£4 entry fee ( children free with paying adult)

This is an 8 mile circular walk which includes beach walking and exposed areas through YWT nature reserve ** –  a narrow sand tidal island that reaches into the North sea and forms the bank of the mouth of the Humber Estuary.

This walk explores the splendid Spurn Point National Nature Reserve on the tip of the coast of the East Riding of Yorkshire. There’s much to enjoy with pretty beaches, sand-dunes, marshland and the striking effects of the changing tides. Spurn is located c.30 miles east of Hull. From Easington follow the B1445 to Kilnsea. From the village of Kilnsea continue until you will find the Blue Bell Café on your left.

Register online: www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/shine-lighthouse-walk-tickets

Download:  2018-Shine-walk-registration-form

2018 Shine walk participants information

Shine Relief Trust Kilnsea to Spurn Walk terms and conditions 2018

Call Deborah: 07762243302

Gain free entry to the lighthouse with your Shine wristband and climb to the top of the 128ft lighthouse – the tallest in Northern England**

Bring a packed lunch – drinks and fruit provided on route

Tickets are non-refundable or transferrable.

**Information Spurn Lighthouse is a 3.5 mile walk crossing the sandy washover area. Spurn Point is a further mile for those who wish to extend the walk .

Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult. Participants take part at their own risk. It is the responsibility of participants to ensure that they are sufficiently fit and healthy to take part. Participants should seek advice from their GP or a health professional if they are unsure. The route will include walking over the beach and rocks and is not suitable for wheelchairs/pushchairs.

Clothing and footwear appropriate to the terrain and weather conditions should be worn. Please take into consideration the guidelines from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.


Be prepared. Sand provides resistance, so walking on the beach is inherently more demanding than walking on concrete or other hard surfaces. With every step forward, your foot sinks into the sand and your foot and leg muscles work extra hard to push you up and propel you forward. That extra effort — plus the fact that your bare foot moves through its full range of motion translates into more intense strength training for your arches, ankles and leg muscles.

Walking in sand — with or without shoes: Because sand is an uneven surface, beach walking qualifies as a pro prioceptive exercise. In other words, stepping across sand challenges and develops your ability to know where your feet are without looking at them. In this way, sand walking is similar to standard pro prioceptive exercises, such as balancing one legged on a cushion with your eyes closed! It is recommended that trainers, boots and /or flip flops are carried to provide the best protection on the varying terrain and in varying weather conditions. Spurn Lighthouse is the tallest lighthouse in Northern England located at the end of the Spurn peninsula. (as one might expect!)

Visitor Safety: Brown tail moth caterpillars

In the scrub around the base of the lighthouse, and along into Chalk Bank, you may notice what look like tents stretched between branches, which are in fact the overwintering silk tents of the brown tail moth caterpillar. Whilst for many these caterpillars are harmless, they can cause itchy allergic skin reactions or respiratory issues for those with asthma or hay fever – so please don’t touch the caterpillars or the tents. You may wish to wear insect repellent, wear long sleeves and trousers to protect yourself from tick bites

Visitors are advised to keep away from water. There is a risk of Weil’s disease from contaminated water. Always wash your hands before eating.

The lighthouse is newly restored and we have been kindly granted free entry. Children are welcome, but they must be at least 1.1 metres in height and physically capable of ascending and descending the staircases by themselves unaided. Under no circumstances can children or babies be carried up or down the staircases, (this includes the use of baby carriers, papooses, etc.) The lighthouse is over a century old so and some stone floors and stairs may be worn and uneven in places, and the staircase leading to the lantern room is very steep. Sensible footwear must be worn if you wish to ascend the lighthouse tower. Open toe sandals without heel straps and flip- flops are not suitable.

Refreshments We will provide water and fruit along the way. The national trust shop and from the Blue Bell Café also have items

http://www.ywt.org.uk/bluebell-cafe Hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, cakes and heartier meals. 

Fundraising! On-line sponsorship visit https://www.justgiving.com Sponsor forms also available – email info@shine-relief.org

For more info visit :http://www.ywt.org.uk/reserves/spurn-nature-reserve




*The information provided is for guidance only. Each person must prepare accordingly.

Details are correct at time of publication but may be subject to change at short notice